Hotel Icefiord


Are you looking for exciting and scenic activities in Greenland? Hotel Icefiord makes it easy for you to arrange the perfect travel experience in Ilulissat!

When you book your stay at Hotel Icefiord you can at the same time easily book all your tours and adventures with us. We offer a variety of different tours in and around Ilulissat, so it is easy for you to get a complete experience while in Ilulissat and Greenland.

Join skilled guides on amazing hikes, sailing tours or flightseeings in the Greenlandic nature. We collaborate with the best tour operators regarding hikes, sailing tours, experiences and flightseeings in the Ilulissat area. Therefore you can easily book your activity through us.

We highly recommend that you book your activities before arrival. Due to the high demand this is the only way to make sure you get exactly the experience of Ilulissat that you have been dreaming about.


Experience by land


Greenland is the home of great hiking experiences in untouched nature and with fascinating culture and history.

Ilulissat is a world class destination for all nature lovers.
The Icefiord, the massive icebergs, the animal life and cultural history – Individually these things would make Ilulissat worth your while and we have it all!

Join us on one of our hikes and experience a nature like nothing you have ever seen before.
join us on a city walk and learn about the extraordinary Inuit culture and history.

Experience by sea

Eqi Sermia

Experience the icebergs, glaciers and whales from the waterside. 

The Greenlandic towns and settlements are not connected by roads and railways. Ever since the beginning the sea has been the connection between towns and settlements and a crucial resource to survival in the extreme artic climate. On top of that the vistas from the waterside are completely stunning. Therefore, it is almost a crime not to go on a tour on the water!

By boat you can go to the amazing calving glacier Eqip Sermia, visit Qeqertarsuaq on the Disco Island, go on a whale safari, experience the ocean firsthand from a kayak or join the must-do boat tour; the Icefiord cruise. There are a ton of possibilities so just jump on board!

Eqi Sermia

Experiences in the sky


If you want the full experience on your journey to Greenland you have to see the glaciers and the Icefiord from the sky.

Experience Ilulissat Glacier: ‘Sermeq Kujalleq´.
It is the most active glacier on the northern hemisphere and is the source of the massive icebergs near Ilulissat. The only way to see the glacier is by helicopter or airplane.

You can either choose to fly with a helicopter or one of the small passenger airplanes P-68.
We are ready to help you join a flightseeing that is not comparable with your normal commercial flight.