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City walk in Ilulissat


The city of icebergs

Let us take you on a 2-hour historical and cultural tour through Ilulissat. Experience Ilulissat old city center and 300 years of fascinating history above the polar circle.

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Duration: ~2 hours
Minimum: 2 persons.
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Culture-historical city walk
Available: All days from 15/06 to 15/09

We guarantee you that you will learn something new and gain a greater understanding of Greenland after a city walk with us. History, culture and nature are inseparable in Greenland – so even though you might primarily have come to Greenland to experience icebergs, whales and sled dogs, a city walk with us is still almost a necessity! Every time you see an iceberg in ten thousand indescribable shades of blue or a humpback whale, you will come to think of the city walk. You will understand the enormous significance and impact the nature has in Greenlandic culture and history as well as for today’s everyday life.

We will start our tour from Hotel Icefiord and walk towards the old part of town. On the way our guide will as promised make you more knowledgeable. We will among others walk past Zions Church, the harbor buzzing with activity and history, the birth house of famous polar explorer: Knud Rasmussen and a building older than the city itself. After a 2-hours fascinating tour around the town we will end up where we started, at Hotel Icefiord.

  • Guide
  • Historical snacks

Photo by Aningaaq R Carlsen – Visit Greenland




Culture-historical hike with an iceberg view

Join us on a tour to a culture-historical and breathtakingly beautiful destination. Sermermiut is the remains of an old Inuit settlement going 4400 years back in time and is located in the protected UNESCO-site. The fascinating culture-history and beautiful view over Ilulissat Icefiord makes this tour something very special you do not want to miss out on.

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Duration: 2 hours
Minimum: 2 persons.
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Culture-historical hike
Available: All days from 15/6 to 15/9

We will begin our tour from Hotel Icefiord and drive to the Icefiord Centre at the old heliport. From here we will follow the walkway all the way through the Sermermiut valley. On the way our guide will tell you all about the old Inuit settlement, the cultural-history and the beautiful nature. At the end of the walkway we will be greeted by an extraordinary view, the vast Ilulissat Icefiord stretching 70 km into the country.
At this viewpoint we will take a break and enjoy the spectacular vistas. We will serve coffee and tea as well as a delicate homemade snack with local ingredients. Afterwards we will make our way back to the Icefiord Centre where we will be picked up and driven back to Hotel Icefiord.

People have lived at Sermermiut since the first humans immigrated to Greenland 4400 years ago. The view over the Icefiord and its massive icebergs is without a doubt astonishing. But it was not only because of the beautiful view that people settled specifically in Sermermiut. The great glacial activity and huge amounts of ice makes the oceans at Sermermiut and Ilulissat extremely rich and nutritious. The flourishing ocean life gave the Inuit cultures at Sermermiut some of the best living conditions in all of Greenland and the importance is still seen today in big fishing industry of Ilulissat.

  • Transportation to and from Hotel Icefiord
  • Coffee and tea
  • Snacks – Produced with local ingredients

Dogsledding tour

A dog sled heading into the sunset near Sisimiut in Greenland

Dogsled tour – Greenlandic winter wonderland

The Greenlandic sled dog and the dogsled are a big part of the Greenlandic culture. The dogs have had an enormous importance for surviving in the harsh Greenlandic environment. Ilulissat is one of the few places in Greenland where the dogs are still actively used for commercial fishing and hunting. Ilulissat is therefore the perfect place to experience the amazing snowclad backcountry, enjoy the sound of the dog’s paws in the snow and the sled flying away!

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Duration: ~ 3,5 hours – 2 hours on the sled
Minimum: 1 person.
Difficulty of tour: Medium
Type of tour: Dog sledding
Available: 15/01-17/04

The tour starts at Hotel Icefiord. Our guide will give you a thorough introduction to the tour, so that you get the best experience while on the sled. If you’ve prebooked sealskin clothes and winter boots or want to buy this add at the hotel you will get the clothes and boots at the hotel. From the Hotel we drive to the sled track. We walk from the road to the track where we will meet the mushers and dogs. The dogs will be eager to start the tour, so the musher holds the dogs back while you situate yourselves on the sled. The musher gives the command and off you go!

The route of the tour will differ according to the snow conditions. Regardless of which route you will take there is not many things that beats the complete peacefulness that encloses the sled in the beautiful snowclad surroundings. Enjoy the sound of the working dogs and the friction of the snow. When the dogs are working in front of the sled it will be evident that the dogs love working with the sled and their musher.

Halfway through the tour the musher will stop the sled and you will enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea while the dogs relax. On the sled tour you will experience a completely unique and essential part of Greenlandic culture. If you visit Greenland in the cold winter months where snow and ice are predominant you absolutely have to experience a Greenlandic dogsledding tour!

  • Guiding before and after the tour 
  • 2-hours dog sledding with a local musher 
  • Coffee/tea

Add on products

  • Rental of sealskin trousers and anorak: 250,-
  • Rental of winter boots: 150,-
  • Minimum age for dogsledding is 12 years
  • You are required to be able to walk up a snowclad hill. It is not certain that this will be necessary on each tour, but we cannot guarantee the contrary.
  • If you book a dogsledding tour for two persons, you will be put together on one sled. If you on the other hand, book for one person or an unequal amount of participant you will most likely be put on a sled with another guest.
  • We cannot guarantee that the musher speaks English.
  • If you do not yourself have very warm clothes and very durable winter boots, we highly recommend renting it from us. It quickly gets very cold when you are sitting completely still on the sled for two hours and it is not the same great experience if you are freezing all along.
  • The Greenlandic sled dog is not a pet and direct contact with the dogs are therefore always at your own risk. Never touch the dogs unless the owner has alowed it.

When you book a dogsledding tour with Hotel Icefiord you agree to the following:
Hotel Icefiord always have our guests’ safety as a top priority. Regarding Hotel Icefiord’s tours and our external partners’ tours, there will however always be an element of risk or danger. This can either be in connection with or as a consequence of a tour. It is therefore, at all times, the guest’s own responsibility when choosing to partake in one of out own or external partners’ tours. When you buy a tour through Hotel Icefiord you therefore simultaneously accept those risks as your own responsibility. Hotel Icefiord can therefore not be held responsible for loses, injuries, costs, or other expenses due to having participated in one of the arranged tours.

Snowmobile adventure


Have you always dreamt of driving a snowmobile? Or do your just want to see more of Ilulissat’s beautiful backcountry? No matter what, snowmobiling in Ilulissat is a blast. If you like adventures, this tour is a must do!

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Duration: 3 hours
Minimum: 1 person.
Difficulty of tour:
Type of tour: Snowmobile
Available: January to April

Join Albatros Arctic Circle on a snowmobile tour in Ilulissat. It’s a 3-hour guided snowmobile tour. You can either choose to drive the snowmobile yourself or sit behind the driver. The specific route of the tour is determined on the day, considering the snow and ice conditions. The tour will however usually either go to the settlement Oqaatsut north of Ilulissat or east into the beautiful backcountry.

* You must have a driver license if you want to drive yourself
Minimum age is 12 years

  • Guide
  • Equipment

Iceberg hike

Iceberg hike - Gul rute

Cosy and beautiful hike along the yellow route

Join our guide on a hike on the yellow route and experience the icebergs! A hike along the yellow route with us is more than just a hike. 

Our guide will tell you about the beautiful icebergs, show you the Greenlandic nature and last but not least we will enjoy freshly baked waffles and hope for passing whales. 

For further information please contact

Duration: ~ 3 hours
Minimum: 2 persons.
Difficulty of tour: Easy – Medium
Type of tour: Hike
Available: Every tuesday and saturday from 15/06 to 15/09

Yellow route is one of those hikes many people choose to walk by themselves. This is also definitely possible but at Hotel Icefiord we want to give you the opportunity to get the full experience.
Our knowledgeable guide will of course tell you about the fascinating icebergs we will see on our way, but we also want to give you a cosy taste of Greenland in these beautiful surroundings. 

We walk together along the yellow route and enjoy the world class view over the massive icebergs. We find the perfect spot on the granite rock and settle down. Here our guide will make freshly baked waffles to us all. On our way we will have looked after toppings for the waffles. Maybe we have been lucky and found blackberry, arctic blueberry or the sweet arctic harebell. If our flora hunt has gone sour our guide naturally has brought a backup along with hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

We guarantee a beautiful and cosy trip!

  • Guide
  • Waffles
  • Hot beverages 
Iceberg hike - Gul rute