Hotel Icefiord


Gastronomy is a focal point in the restaurant at Hotel Icefiord. We combine local quality ingredients with skills and experience and add just a pinch of great wine.

In our restaurant we offer a fantastic evening which reflects the country and culture here in Greenland. The kitchen uses products like fresh fish from the local fishermen and Greenlandic reindeer and musk ox from Kangerlussuaq. The general focus in the menu is great flavor. Our sommeliers have made a wine list with some wonderful wines, that complement our menu perfectly.

In our smokehouse in front of the hotel we make our own organic products from Greenlandic ingredients. We use our own homemade quality products in the kitchen.

The service and atmosphere is informal and the Disko Bay provides the view for a lovely dinner in our cozy restaurant. Ilulissat and Greenland is something special and we wish to reflect that in all our servings in the restaurant, thus we can give you an all-around memorable experience during your stay in Ilulissat.

Restaurant opening hours

High season (June – September): 6 pm – 9 pm
Low season (October – May): 6 pm – 8 pm

For reservations – Please call us at +299 94 44 80

Restauraunt Icefiord - Hellefisk
Snekrabbebisque på Restaurant Icefiord
Snekrabbebisque på Restaurant Icefiord
“Yet another of Greenland’s world-class foods is the long-legged snow crab, which many, including yours truly, find just as tasty as the expensive king crab, popular in luxury restaurants around the world.”

Søren Frank
Wine & food editor at Berlingske

Restaurant Icefiord


Our stunning restaurant is serving a lovely selection of Nordic and French inspired cooked with only the best fish and game from locals.


Housemade sandwich with the best local ingredients
Please inquire about today’s selections

125 DKK

Greenlandic cold cuts and smoked goods
Served with a selection of freshly baked bread and toppings
195 DKK

A Happy Evening at Icefiord

Snacks & Champagne
The Chefs 5 Course Menu
Wine Pairing
Coffee and Petit Four
Price pr. Person 1499,- DKK


Three-course menu
535 DKK

Four-course menu
635 DKK

Five-course menu
735 DKK



Snacks & Crémant d’Alsace
199 DKK


Muskox tartare
Soy mayonnaise, fried capers and potato
185 DKK

Cod ceviche from Disko Bay
Dill, Japanese sauce and salsify
185 DKK


Reindeer fillet
Beetroot, broccoli, pistachio and reindeer glaze
295 DKK

Redfish from Disko Bay
Variation of cabbage and tomato sauce
295 DKK

Turnips, beets, mushrooms and hazelnuts
295 DKK


Cheese from Arla Unika
Rosehip compote and crispbread
175 DKK

Marsh Labrador Tea
Chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel
155 DKK

Greenlandic blackberries
Lemon, blueberries and marzipan
155 DKK

Dishes and ingredients may be subject to change due to season and availability.
All prices are including taxes and service.
For inquiries regarding dietary requirements please contact our staff at

For reservations – Please call us at +299 94 44 80


Bar at Hotel Icefiord
Restaurant Icefiord


Bar at Hotel Icefiord

The bar is a quiet corner of the hotel with a beautiful view of the Diskobay and access to the 200 m² terrace.

We serve greenlandic and local beers and drinks served with ice from the glacier.

Tartar af moskusokse på Restaurant Icefiord

“…I can only say that the meat I have had during my long week in Greenland is perfectly tender. World-class, in fact.”

Søren Frank
Wine & food editor at Berlingske

Tartar af moskusokse på Restaurant Icefiord