Hotel Icefiord

Experiences in the sky

Experience the amazing Diskobay from above.
See the ice filled fiord, the glaciers and if you are lucky a humpback whale playing in the ocean!


Helicopter – Isua


Experience Ilulissat glacier: ‘Sermeq Kujalleq’ from the air and firsthand when the helicopter lands near the glacier. Take this opportunity to see the Ilulissat glacier which is the source to all the massive icebergs at Ilulissat.

Price: 3795,-

Duration: 1,5 hour
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Flight
Available: All year around

We will take you to the airport from where the helicopter pilots will take over.
The pilots will give you a briefing before departure.

From Ilulissat Airport the helicopter will fly towards Ilulissat Icefiord. The helicopter will then follow the beautiful Icefiord to the glacier. Close to the glacier and nearby the icecap the helicopter will land. There will be a 30 minute break with time to enjoy the magnificent vistas.  On the way back the helicopter will follow the Icefiord again, so keep an eye out for seals and whales.

Upon arrival in Ilulissat you will be picked up by Hotel Icefiord and driven back to the hotel.

  • Helicopter flight
  • 30 minutes break at the glacier ‘Sermeq Kujalleq’
  • Transfer to/from the airport

Photo: Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

Airzafari – Unesco Icefiord & blue lakes


Do you want to experience everything on your journey in Greenland? Then you should really consider joining a flightseeing on one of Airzafaris passenger airplanes! Within one hour you will have seen the northern glacier ‘Sermeq Avangnardleq’, Ilulissat’s glacier ‘Sermeq Kujalleq’, the blue melt water lakes on the icecap, Ilulissat Icefiord and the small settlement ‘Ilimanaq’. 

Price: 2895,-

Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Flight
Available: February – September

We will take you to the airport from where Airzafari’s pilot will take over. The pilot will give you a thorough briefing about the trip while you enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea.

After the briefing you will go to the small and safe 6 persons passenger airplane. All passengers are guaranteed a window seat which will give you the best opportunities possible to take mental as well as physical pictures of the picturesque sceneries.

From Ilulissat Airport the airplane will fly towards the norther glacier ‘Sermeq Avangnardleq’. You fly over the beautiful mountains and suddenly the landscape opens, and you will be met by the impressive glacier. On the way the pilot will inform you about what you see. Fell free to ask all the questions you want – you are all connected to the intercom.

From the northern glacier you fly over the icecap and look for the beautiful turquoise melt water lakes.
Then you will arrive at the magnificent Ilulissat glacier ‘Sermeq Kujalleq’. ‘Sermeq Kujalleq’ is the source to the massive icebergs at Ilulissat and is truly a special sight. On the way back you will follow the Icefiord and get an impression of the long journey that the icebergs take from the glacier to the mouth of the fiord.

Before you return to the airport the airplane will make a turn to the south and you will swing by the cosy little settlement ‘Ilimanaq’. From Ilimanaq to Ilulissat you will pass over the mouth of the Icefiord – keep an eye out for whales!

Upon arrival in Ilulissat you will be picked up by Hotel Icefiord and driven back to the hotel.

  • Flightseeing with passenger airplane
  • Briefing and hot beverages
  • Transfer to/from the airport