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Eqi glacier - Sail tour

Experience the northern hemisphere’s most oftenly calving glacier first-hand.
Hear the thundering glacier and see the ice calving of the beautiful icewall!

Price: 2445,-

Duration: ~6-12 hours depending on the ship – Always ~2 timer at the glaicer
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Sail tour
Available: Summer – 1/6-15/9

Join a full day tour to Eqip Sermia – Also known as Eqi glacier.

We leave from Ilulissat onboard one of Disko Lines’ ships early in the day with Eqi as destination.
The guide will welcome us onboard the ship and tell us about what we can expect to see during the day. On the trip there will be served a breakfast, lunch, afternoon cake and naturally coffee and tea.

The course of the ship is 80 km due north and will take us through the Ataa sound with the island ‘Arveprinsens Ejland’ on the left hand side and many fiords of the mainland on the right hand side. We will pass the small settlement Oqaatsut and an impressive waterfall as we sail towards Eqi.

The ship sails around a headland and suddenly we can see the glacier. Arriving at the glacier we will attend an impressive concert of thunders caused by the cascades of ice falling from the glacier. The guide will now attempt to drown out the calving sounds and catch our attention, which might be a bit difficult.
We assure you that it is a good idea to listen to what the guide has to say though. You do not want to miss out on the many interesting facts about the Eqi glacier.

Before the ship turns around and head back to Ilulissat we will briefly land at Glacier Lodge Eqi. Here some passengers will jump off and others will embark for the home trip.
If you have not seen the whales yet, keep your eyes open on the way back – the chances are pretty good!

  • Guide
  • Breakfast, lunch and cake
  • Hot beverages
Photo by Reinhard Pantke - Visit Greenland

Photo by Aningaaq R Carlsen – Visit Greenland

Photo by Reinhard Pantke - Visit Greenland

Icefiord cruise

Ilulissat means ‘icebergs’ in greenlandic. Experiencing the icebergs is therefore a necessity in the city of Icebergs. Experience the icebergs by boat and come as close as safely possible to the fantastic icemassives.

Price: 695,-

Duration: ~ 2,5 hours
Difficulty of tour : Easy
Type of tour: Sail tour
Available: All year around

An icefiord cruise is definitely a must when you visit Ilulissat. Even though you stay at our wonderful hotel with a constant view over the icebergs, we still highly recommend going on an icefiord cruise. Experience the iceberg from ship and see how massive the icebergs actually are, and how amazing the blue nuances of ice appears close up.


Sail out with one of Disko Lines ice-safe ships to the mouth of the Icefiord and enjoy the view –  But remember warm clothing! Even in the midst of summer the enormous amounts of ice release a lot of cold air. Naturally it is also possible to stay indoors on the ship, but the experience is definitely greater and nearer from the reeling of the ship.


The guide will scout for an extra beautiful spot and ask the captain of the ship to make a halt. Here the guide will explain about the Icefiord, the enormous Kangia glacier and the icebergs right in front of us. The guide will try to fish up some ice on the ship so that we can see the different types of ice and even taste it in our drinks.


Returning to the harbor you will with guarantee be a huge experience richer and your camera will certainly be filled with hundreds of wonderful pictures.

  • Guide
  • Hot beverages
  • Alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink

Whale Safari

Do you want to have the best shot at seeing whales?
Then join us on a whale safari. The chances of seeing the ocean’s giants are really great!

Price: 1195,-

Duration: ~ 3 hours
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Sail tour
Available: From 15/06 to 15/09

Join us for a whale safari on one of Disko Line’s ice-safe ships. The experienced captains know the ocean around Ilulissat inside out and that gives us the best opportunities to spot the whales. Naturally, we can not guarantee that we will see the whales, but we would be very unlucky not to.

To see the giant animals with an iceberg in the background is something truly special that you don’t want to miss out on. You might have seen the whales from our terrasse on the hotel, but if you really want to experience the whales it needs to be done by ship. When we turn off the engine the whales often come very close to the ship and then you can really sense how small we are in comparison.


Hear the whale’s heavy breathing through the blowhole and see a humpback whale’s tale just before it dives to hunt. During the trip the guide will tell you all about the whales and their many fascinating abilities. Did you for an instance know that the markings on the humpbacks’ tail are unique and comparable to the human fingerprint?

Join us and see for yourself!

  • Guide
  • Hot beverages 
Photo by Reinhard Pantke - Visit Greenland