About Hotel Icefiord

At one of the best locations in Ilulissat you will find Hotel Icefiord. During your stay at Hotel Icefiord, you can experience the Diskobay and all it offers at first hand. Enjoy the fresh air, the sea and the extraordinary view of the ever-changing constellations of icebergs.

In new and modern surroundings hotel guests can expect friendly and welcoming service. We strive to offer high service and that personal commitment characterizes the staff of Hotel Icefiord.

The staff at Hotel Icefiord can be of service in arranging sightseeing and other activities.

The hotel is located in a quiet place in first row to the sea. There are good chances to see the huge whales up close in the Disko Bay. The whales often get close to shore and thrive in most parts of the bay, especially the area just outside of Ilulissat attracts the huge whales.

Check in from 14:00
Check out 
no later than 10:00

Rooms and suites

We have 33 rooms, of which 6 of the rooms are suites.
All our rooms overlook the Disko Bay and the beautiful landscape of icebergs that the bay presents.

The rooms are designed for you as guests in the city to have a quiet base to return to, between the many experiences Ilulissat offers.

Restaurant, lounge and bar

Besides our comfortable rooms, you have the opportunity to spend your evenings in our restaurant. Here, with panoramic views of Disko Bay, icebergs and in summer, jumping whales, you can experience our interpretation of the Greenlandic cuisine.

Our chefs put their mark on the raw materials offered by the Arctic nature, and we assume that the food is homemade and tasty.

We strive to have a nice and informal service, where we will do what we can to meet every wish, and create good framework around your evening with us.

In the lobby we fire up the stove and make room for you to sit with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. In the bar we serve cold beer, drinks and wine, which you can enjoy after a day full of experiences.


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Annex apartments

Our 2 annex apartments is located 150 m from the hotel. The are arranged with a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room and your own terrace with direct view of the ice fiord. The annex apartments is a part of Hotel Icefiord, which means that breakfast is included when booking these.

From July 1st we rent out our newly built Superior Apartments, which offer the same facilities as our regular apartments, but in larger premises and with newly built facilities. In addition, from these apartments there will also be an unspoilt view of the Disko Bay.

Please note: Check in is at Hotel Icefiord, Jørgen Sverdrupip Aqq 10. Airport transfer need to be booked 24 hours before arrival.

Studio apartments

The bright and simply furnished 1-room apartments offers a bedroom with tv and a bathroom. The kitchenette has a two burner stove and a microwave. Free parking is included.

During the summer you can grill on the shared terrace. Hotel Icefiord is located only 1,5 km away. The restaurant in the hotel offers regional and international courses, which are prepared with fresh, local products.

Notice: Check in is at Hotel Icefiord, Jørgen Sverdrupip Aqq 10.
Airport transfer need to be booked 24 hours before arrival.


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