Hotel Icefiord

About the hotel

In maybe the best location in Ilulissat, Greenland, you will find Hotel Icefiord. All our rooms – as well as our restaurant, bar and terrace – have sea views and firsthand vistas of the Disko Bay with everything it offers. Whether you are enjoying the fresh air with a drink in the sun on our large outdoor terrace, having a great meal in our Restaurant Icefiord, or simply relaxing in the comfort of your room, at Hotel Icefiord you will always be accompanied by the extraordinary view of the ever-changing constellations of icebergs floating out from Ilulissat Icefjord.

During summer, you can also enjoy the magic of the midnight sun and spotting for whales swimming and spraying air in front of the hotel, while in autumn, winter and spring, the northern lights (aurora borealis) take over, dancing in the sky and providing a breathtaking show.

We strive to offer high service and that personal commitment characterizes the staff of Hotel Icefiord. The staff can be of service in arranging sightseeing and other activities.

Check in from 15:00
Check out 
no later than 10:00

Notice: Check in is at Hotel Icefiord, Jørgen Sverdrupip Aqq 10.
Airport transfer need to be booked 24 hours before arrival.

Hotel Icefiord
Hotel Icefiord

What makes our hotel special

Aside from our amazing location and breathtaking views, guests often comment that they like the combination of our modern and high-end facilities and the relaxed, informal, and personal atmosphere that we offer as a smaller hotel.

In the lobby/lounge we fire up the stove during winter and make room for you to sit with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Our Restaurant Icefiord is the best-rated restaurant in Ilulissat and specializes in local ingredients such as freshly caught halibut, reindeer, and musk ox. And in the bar as well as on our terrace, we serve cold locally crafted beers, our own signature drinks, and great wines for you to enjoy after a day full of experiences. There is nothing quite like watching whales swimming between the icebergs while relaxing or having a great meal in a breathtaking location like ours, where the whales often get close to shore.

If you also want to experience these beautiful animals and the grand nature firsthand, we also offer arranging guided tours by sea, land and even in the air.

We strive to run the hotel with a sustainable profile to help preserve the awe-inspiring nature that we find ourselves lucky to be in the middle of.

At Hotel Icefiord we want you to have a relaxing, magical and memorable stay in Ilulissat and we are here to help you with that. Get in touch with us on +299 94 44 80 or

We look forward to welcoming you with great service, incredible food and first-class facilities.

Restauraunt Icefiord - Hellefisk
Hotel Icefiord


While at Hotel Icefiord you have the opportunity to spend your evenings in our restaurant. Here, with panoramic views of Disko Bay, icebergs and in summer, jumping whales, you can experience our interpretation of the Greenlandic cuisine.

Our chefs put their mark on the raw materials offered by the Arctic nature, and the menu is focused on local produce. The menu varies during the season, depending on the produce the local hunters and fishermen can provide us with.  

We strive to have a nice and informal service, where we will do what we can to meet every wish, and create good framework around your evening with us.