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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Hotel Icefiord is a part of Topas Explorer Group. Our aim is to create unique adventures all around that globe. Topas Explorer Group consists of 3 departments; Denmark, Greenland and Vietnam.

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Topas Travel logo

Topas Travel

Topas Travel is a Danish travel agency that focuses on active travel with both hiking and cycling. Topas Travel has existed since 1973 and has ever sincefocused on giving customers the most unique and exotic experiences. Topas Travel is owned by Topas Explorer Group.

Greenland by Topas logo

Greenland by Topas

Greenland by Topas is a Danish offers tailor-made trips to Greenland. Our experts help with the entire process such as flight booking, accommodation and tours. Greenland by Topas is part of Topas Travel, which is owned by Topas Explorer Group. |

Vietnam by Topas Logo

Vietnam by Topas

Vietnam by Topas is part of Topas Travel and offers tailor-made trips to Vietnam. With offices in both Denmark, Hanoi and Sapa, our experts offer knowledge and support for your journey. We help with all wishes to create the best possible trip. Vietnam by Topas is part of Topas Travel which is owned by Topas Explorer Group. |


Disko Line logo

Disko Line A/S

Disko Line is a passenger shipping company with headquarters in Ilulissat, located in western Greenland, more precisely in Disko Bay. Since 2004, Disko Line has offered passenger transport to both locals and tourists in Greenland between cities and settlements. Disko Line is part of the Topas Explorer Group.

Disko Line Explorer

Disko Line Explorer

Disko Line Explorer offers excursions both on land and at sea, such as hiking, city walks, whale watching, fishing trips and midnight sailings in Disko Bay. Disko Line Explorer offers both fixed trips and charters in Disko Bay. Diskoline Explorer is part of Disko Line A/S which is part of Topas Explorer Group.

Blue Ice Explorer logo

Blue Ice Explorer

Blue Ice Explorer is a Greenlandic tourist company and shipping company that offers sailing, excursions, charters and accommodation in South Greenland at Igaliko Bygdehotel. Blue Ice Explorer is part of the Topas Explorer Group with employees in Greenland.

Diskobay logo

Hotel Diskobay

In collaboration with Disko Line A/S, Hotel Diskobay offers accommodation and activities in the beautiful town of Qasigiannguit. The hotel’s location right down to the water offers a spectacular view over the beautiful bay with good opportunities to see whales from the hotel’s lovely terrace. Hotel Diskobay is part of the Topas Explorer Group.

Hotel Disko Island logo

Hotel Disko Island

Situated within the town of Qeqertarsuaq, Hotel Disko Island enjoys a picturesque setting overlooking Disko Bay, framed by the striking backdrop of basalt mountains. The landscape is further adorned by several waterfalls gracefully descending down the mountainside. Hotel Disko Island is part of the Topas Explorer Group.

Watertaxi logo

Nuuk Water Taxi

Nuuk Water Taxi, situated in Nuuk, is a versatile shipping company that caters to both transportation needs between cities and settlements, as well as tourism, charters, and other activities. Among its offerings, Nuuk Water Taxi provides an exceptional glamping experience at Camp Kangiusaq, nestled in the scenic Nuuk Fjord. Additionally, the company offers a range of day activities and excursions, including whale watching, fishing trips, kayaking, and city walks. Nuuk Water Taxi is a collaborative endeavor between local expert Anders Lykke Laursen and the esteemed Topas Explorer Group.


Topas Travel Vietnam logo

Topas Travel Vietnam

Since the early 1990s, Topas Travel Vietnam has been operating as a travel agency in collaboration between the Huong family and the esteemed Topas Explorer Group. With a focus on individual and group tours, Topas Travel Vietnam offers comprehensive travel experiences spanning the length of Vietnam, from the scenic northern region encompassing Sapa to the vibrant southern city of Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon).

Topas Ecolodge logo

Topas Ecolodge, Sapa

Nestled atop a secluded mountaintop in northern Vietnam, Topas Ecolodge is a serene retreat comprising 49 bungalows, divided into four distinct categories. Among them, our newest addition is the luxurious pool villa, each featuring a private pool and three levels that offer breathtaking panoramic views from every corner. Since its establishment in 2005, Topas Ecolodge has been an integral part of the renowned Topas Explorer Group. The lodge not only provides a haven for relaxation with its infinity pools but also serves as a gateway for immersive experiences such as hiking and cycling through the captivating Vietnamese mountains and picturesque rice fields.

Topas Mountain Express logo

Topas Mountain Express

Topas Mountain Express is a bus company that offers transport to Topas Ecolodge and Sapa from Hanoi and back. Our minibuses are luxurious with large leather seats, internet and some refreshments so that the trip from Hanoi to the beautiful mountainous nature around Sapa will be as pleasant as possible. We pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi and drive directly north to both Sapa and Topas Ecolodge. Topas Mountain Express is part of the Topas Explorer Group.

Vietnam Trail Series logo

Vietnam Trail Series

The genesis of the Vietnam Trail Series stems from a sincere passion for running coupled with an enduring fascination for Vietnam. The journey commenced in 2013, marked by the inception of the Vietnam Mountain Marathon, which has since evolved into one of Asia’s foremost trail races, boasting over 3,500 participants.