Hotel Icefiord

Hotel in Ilulissat

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Greenland, finding the perfect hotel in Ilulissat is an essential part of any Arctic adventure. Ilulissat boasts a range of accommodations catering to various preferences and budgets, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for every traveler.

What to stay in Ilulissat

In Ilulissat, there are several accommodation options to choose from, catering to different preferences and budgets. You can find everything from luxurious hotels with spectacular views to more intimate guesthouses and self-catering accommodations such as apartments or cabins. Whether you prefer modern facilities and amenities or a more authentic experience closer to the local community, there is something for every taste. It’s a good idea to book in advance, especially during the high season, if you want to make sure you get the perfect accommodation in Ilulissat.

One of the most iconic hotels in Ilulissat is Hotel Icefiord. Situated near the famous Ilulissat Icefjord, this hotel offers unparalleled views of the shimmering icebergs drifting gracefully through Disko Bay. At Hotel Icefiord, guests are greeted with warm hospitality and modern amenities, providing a cozy retreat after a day of exploration. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photographer seeking the perfect shot, or simply a traveler in search of tranquility, Hotel Icefiord offers an unforgettable Arctic experience.

Hotel Icefiord
Tartar af moskusokse på Restaurant Icefiord

Where to eat in Ilulissat

Ilulissat offers several options within the culinary world. If you’re looking to satisfy a light hunger, there are small cafes scattered around the town that can offer you a light meal in cozy surroundings. If you’re seeking something a bit more substantial, there are several restaurants located in the town.

At Hotel Icefiord, we have our own restaurant, which is popular among both hotel guests and tourists and locals alike.  Dining at Restaurant Icefiord is a culinary journey inspired by the flavors of the Arctic. We focus on using the many delicious fresh ingredients from the local area that characterize Greenland. This means that you will often find fresh fish, musk ox, and reindeer on the menu, which is regularly changed. In addition, we have our own smokehouse, so our own organic smoked products are included in our servings. In other words, gastronomy is always paramount, which has made us one of the best restaurants in Ilulissat. For lunch, we offer sandwiches made from good Greenlandic ingredients, while for dinner, we offer selected menus with accompanying wines.

What to experience in Ilulissat

The contrast of the Greenlandic nature in the Ilulissat area is something special. In the summer we prefer the freedom of sailing amongst icebergs and whales and in the winter season the proud Greenlandic sled dogs howl at the dreamy northern lights.  Locals and tourists enjoy dogsledding as well as the more modern snowmobiling in the frozen backcountry. It is a unique way to experience the absolutely unique country of Greenland.

The summer season is as mentioned ideal for boat. Join a whale safari with Disko Line in the Disko Bay. You can get very close to the marvelous animals while they tumble and play in the bay. Normally you will experience the humpback whale, minke whale and fin whale in the Disko Bay.

Dogsledding, snowmobiling and sailing with whales the size of busses are all great experiences, but you actually only have to walk a few kilometers out of town to be amazed. The area around Ilulissat, such as Sermermiut, is perfect for hiking and as scenic as it gets. 

Eqi Sermia
Photo by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

No matter where you choose to stay, hotels in Ilulissat offer a gateway to the wonders of the Arctic. Whether you’re marveling at the midnight sun, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Icefjord, or embarking on a thrilling dogsledding adventure, your hotel in Ilulissat serves as the perfect base for discovering the beauty and magic of Greenland’s icy landscapes.