Hotel Icefiord

Hotel in Ilulissat

Hotel Icefiord is situated in Ilulissat, the third largest city in Greenland. You find Ilulissat on the Greenlandic west coast in the Disko Bay, where you may experience huge whales outside your hotel window during the summer season. While staying at our hotel in Ilulissat you have the perfect opportunity to experience both nature and culture. Ilulissat is especially known for Ilulissat Icefiord and its many icebergs, which are some of the greatest experiences in Greenland. If you want a unique tasting experience, you should definitely visit Restaurant Icefiord, where they use local products to create tasteful servings.

Experiences in Ilulissat

The contrast of the Greenlandic nature in the Ilulissat area is something special. In the summer we prefer the freedom of sailing amongst icebergs and whales and in the winter season the proud Greenlandic sled dogs howl at the dreamy northern lights.  Locals and tourists enjoy dogsledding as well as the more modern snowmobiling in the frozen backcountry. It is a unique way to experience the absolutely unique country of Greenland.

The summer season is as mentioned ideal for boat. Join a whale safari with Disko Line in the Disko Bay. You can get very close to the marvelous animals while they tumble and play in the bay. Normally you will experience the humpback whale, minke whale and fin whale in the Disko Bay.

Dogsledding, snowmobiling and sailing with whales the size of busses are all great experiences, but you actually only have to walk a few kilometers out of town to be amazed. The area around Ilulissat, such as Sermermiut, is perfect for hiking and as scenic as it gets. 

Eqi Sermia
Photo by Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland