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Travel to the Disko Bay

The Disko Bay is a gem nestled in the Arctic landscape and an iconic destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in Greenland’s stunning nature and unique culture. This area, with its impressive Icefjord and majestic icebergs, is synonymous with adventure and natural phenomena that evoke fascination and wonder.

Ilulissat: The Jewel of the Disko Bay

One of the most remarkable places in the Disko Bay is the town of Ilulissat. Known as the ‘City of Icebergs’, Ilulissat is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Ilulissat Icefjord. This spectacular ice fjord is often filled with gigantic icebergs, creating an impressive sight that attracts travelers from around the world. In summer, there are ample opportunities to witness whales frolicking in the fjord or hike to the culturally historic settlement of Sermermiut.

City of Ilulissat

Qeqertarsuaq: The Majestic Volcanic Island

The Disko Island is composed of volcanic rocks, significantly differentiating it from the rest of Greenland, which comprises bedrock. This makes the island green and lush during the summer months, offering a unique chance to see basalt mountains and beautiful Greenlandic flora. Staying for a night or two at Hotel Disko Island is recommended if you plan to visit this majestic volcanic island.

Qasigiannguit: Small Town, Big Experiences

South of Ilulissat lies Qasigiannguit, ideal for hikes in beautiful Greenlandic nature. During the summer, Qasigiannguit is also frequently visited by playful whales, which can be observed from the terrace of Hotel Diskobay, while the colder months offer dog sledding adventures into the Greenlandic hinterland.

Whales in the icefiord

Wonders of Nature and Adventurous Experiences

The Disko Bay and its ice fjords offer numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. A trip here entails not just impressive icebergs and crystal-clear ice water but also the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights in winter. kayak or boat excursions offer close encounters with icebergs and whales, while hikes in the rugged terrain showcase the raw beauty of the Arctic landscape.

Pathway to Unique Travel Experiences

For those planning a journey to the Disko Bay, including Ilulissat, there are various travel agencies and adventure providers that can help tailor the dream trip. Visit Greenland by Topas for tailored travel packages, and Disko Line Explorer for exciting boat trips and adventures in Ilulissat.

A trip to the Disko Bay is a journey to the wild, untouched Arctic landscape where nature reigns in all its splendor. Whether to witness the icebergs, the fascinating Northern Lights, or the historical culture, a visit to the Disko Bay is an experience that will leave unforgettable memories.


Travelling to the Disko Bay is a great experience no matter when you’re travelling. In the winter you can experience dog sledding, winter hiking, icefiord cruise and the nothern lights dancing in the sky. In the summer several whales are regulary visiting the bay as well as kayaking and SUP is a popular summer activity.

Visiting the Disko Bay typically include flight to Ilulissat followed by boat trips to the different cities in the bay. The flight ticket prices to Ilulissat from Kangerlussuaq, the main airport in Greenland, can cost between 1500-3000 DKK for a one-way ticket, depending on travel dates and season. International flights typically starting from 5000 DKK, depending on the country of origin and the time of booking.

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