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Weather in Ilulissat

Experience the variation of the arctic climate in the enchanting greenlandic town of Ilulissat

When is the best time to travel to Ilulissat

The best time to visit Ilulissat depends on what you dream of experiencing. During the summer months from June to August, you’ll encounter pleasant weather with sunshine and milder temperatures, providing optimal conditions for outdoor activities such as Sermermiut hiking and fishing trips. It’s also during these summer months that you may witness whales playing in the fjord from the hotel. If you dream of experiencing the Northern Lights while lying in your bed in one of our Deluxe Explorer rooms, the most optimal time is during the fall and particularly in the winter months. Moreover, winter offers optimal conditions for dog sledding and fjord cruises.

Sunrise / Sunset in Ilulissat

January April July October
Dark periode
(first sunrise January 13th)
05.20 / 21.30
08.35 / 17.40
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Temperature in Ilulissat

Although many associate Ilulissat and Greenland with snow and cold, there are months when the temperature rises above freezing. During the summer months, you won’t need to pack the thick winter jacket as the temperature typically ranges between 5-11 degrees Celsius. Layering clothing is particularly important here so that you stay neither too hot nor too cold during your travels. Conversely, warm outerwear and footwear are essential during the winter months, where you’ll typically encounter freezing temperatures and a snow-covered landscape.

Ilulissat’s climate and weather can vary significantly, so it’s always a good idea to follow the latest weather forecasts. Visit for updated weather forecasts and detailed predictions for Ilulissat.

Avg. January (Max/Min) Avg. April (Max/Min) Avg. July (Max/Min) Avg. October (Max/Min)
-10 / -17 C
-5 / -12 C
11 / 5 C
-1 /- 7 C
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Arrival of snow in Ilulissat:
A magical winter wonderland

Ilulissat typically experiences its first snowfall from late September to early October. The snow covers the landscape, transforming the town into an enchanting winter oasis. The snow-covered beauty attracts visitors from around the globe and opens up a wide range of winter sports activities, including dog sledding and snowshoeing through the Arctic surroundings. It’s possible to experience the majestic icebergs in the fjord year-round.

Northern lights over Ilulissat:
A spectacular sight

The Northern Lights in Ilulissat are visible from September to April when the dark nights provide the perfect canvas for this spectacular phenomenon. Disko Line Explorer offers exceptional boat trips on the Ilulissat Icefjord, providing the opportunity to witness the captivating Northern Lights in this Arctic paradise. Embark on an unforgettable journey and witness the green and violet hues dancing across the night sky.

Are you ready to experience Ilulissat’s fantastic climate? Come and discover the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and the mesmerizing Northern Lights in this Arctic gem. Disko Line Explorer offers unique experiences that connect you with nature’s most extraordinary phenomena. Plan your trip to Ilulissat today and fulfill your dreams of an adventurous stay in Greenland.


The Northern Lights are visible in Ilulissat from September to April, with the best chances of observation during the darker and clearer nights of the winter months, typically from December to March.

Yes, Ilulissat experiences the midnight sun phenomenon during the summer months, from May 19th to July 22nd. During this period, the sun remains visible for 24 hours, never fully setting below the horizon.

The dark period in Ilulissat occurs from November 28th to January 13th when the sun remains below the horizon, resulting in extended periods of darkness.