Hotel Icefiord

Staycation 2021

Hotel Icefiord offers staycation discount to all travelers from july 2021 to october 2021
(except agents, companys and residents of Ilulissat)

Hotel Icefiord


Read more about the accommodation options here.

Please note:
We offer 500 DKK in discount pr. room pr night.
Each customer can acheive a maximum discount of 7 nights pr. place.
The customer can be a single person or a group consisting of several people, depending of how many people a room can accommodate.
The discount is calculated pr. room regardless of the number of people. 

Rooms and Deluxe Explorer Rooms

Deluxe Explorer room

We have 36 rooms, of which 16 of the rooms are Deluxe Explorer rooms with private balconies and skyview windows. All our rooms overlook the Disko Bay and the beautiful landscape of icebergs that the bay presents. The rooms are designed for you as guests in the city to have a quiet base to return to, between the many experiences Ilulissat offers.

Deluxe Apartments

Superior room at Hotel Icefiord

Our newly built Deluxe Apartments consists of 4 comfortable 1-room apartments with direct view to the Disko Bay. The apartments offer newly built facilities including a modern bathroom, a desk, flatscreen tv and a shared balcony. The 4 Deluxe Apartments have a shared kitchen and living room. The superior apartments are located 2,2 km from the hotel.

  • Free transfer to and from the apartments upon check in and check out.
  • Free parking is included.
  • Breakfast is not included.

Icefiord Apartments

Icefiord apartment

Icefiord Apartments consists of 8 bright and simply furnished 1-room apartments. They offer a bedroom with tv and a bathroom. The kitchenette has a two-burner stove and a microwave. Icefiord Apartments are located centrally in Ilulissat with everything within a comfortable walking distance. Hotel Icefiord is located only 1,2 km away. The restaurant in the hotel offers regional and international courses, which are prepared with fresh, local products.

  • Free transfer to and from the apartments upon check in and check out.
  • Free parking is included.
  • Breakfast is not included.
Hotel Icefiord


City walk in Ilulissat

Photo by Aningaaq R Carlsen - Visit Greenland - Hovedbillede

The city of icebergs

Let us take you on a 2-hour historical and cultural tour through Ilulissat. Experience Ilulissat old city center and 300 years of fascinating history above the polar circle.



Culture-historical hike with an iceberg view

Join us on a tour to a culture-historical and breathtakingly beautiful destination. Sermermiut is the remains of an old Inuit settlement going 4400 years back in time and is located in the protected UNESCO-site. The fascinating culture-history and beautiful view over Ilulissat Icefiord makes this tour something very special you do not want to miss out on.

Iceberg hike

Iceberg hike - Gul rute

Cosy and beautiful hike along the yellow route

Join our guide on a hike on the yellow route and experience the icebergs! A hike along the yellow route with us is more than just a hike. 

Our guide will tell you about the beautiful icebergs, show you the Greenlandic nature and last but not least we will enjoy freshly baked waffles and hope for passing whales.