Prices 2019

At one of the best locations in Ilulissat you will find Hotel Icefiord. During your stay at Hotel Icefiord, you can experience the Diskobay and all it offers at first hand. Enjoy the fresh air, the sea and the extraordinary view of the ever-changing constellations of icebergs.

Prices 2019
Low season
High season
Single room*
1.340 DKK
1.700 DKK
Double room*
1.700 DKK
2.050 DKK
2.100 DKK
2.600 DKK
1.900 DKK
2.400 DKK
Studio apartment (single)*
780 DKK
1.000 DKK
Studio apartment (double)*
1.035 DKK
1.255 DKK

High season is from 1 June to 30 September.

* Breakfast is included
** Breakfast is not included

All prices include free transfer between hotel and airport / port on arrival and departure.