Hotel Icefiord collaborates with the tour operators World of Greenland & Air Zafari. Through these operators you can book tours by land,  by water and in the sky. On arrival the reception can be of service to help you book tours through these operators.

Experiences by land

Greenland holds great trekking opportunities in untouched nature

Especially the Ilulissat area, where you can either walk along the great Kangia Icefiord or challenge yourself to go to the inland ice at Glacier Lodge Eqi. You can also choose less challenging walks to Sermermiut or a guided tour around Ilulissat city. The Knud Rasmussen Museum is only 1 km from the hotel.

Experiences by water

Experience the icebergs, settlements and whales from the waterside 

The Greenlandic towns and settlements are not connected by roads and railways. Ever since the beginning the sea has been the connection between towns and settlements, and more recently, been of great pleasure with many exiting experiences. This makes the waterside an obvious option when viewing the icebergs, settlements and whales in the area. By boat you can go to the calving glacier Eqip Sermia, visit the settlements near Ilulissat or go on a whale-safari. However the must-go boat tour is the sightseeing of the huge icebergs just outside Ilulissat.

Experiences in the sky

The ideal way to experience Ilulissat Icefiord is from the air

You can either take the full tour above the majestic Ilulissat glacier or a shorter tour, on which you focus on the huge ice bergs at the end of the ice fiord. You will either be flying with the original Bell 212 helicopter or the small plane P-68.

(Photo by Visit Greenland)